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Lore – Zarya, The Gun Show! (Hero Voice Lines and Interactions) | Hammeh

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In this video we're looking at ZARYAS story, through her interactions with fellow heroes and the world around her If she’s not *the* strongest woman in the world, Aleksandra Zaryanova is certainly up there with the...

Lore Bytes – Timeline Basics!

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Overwatch Lore Bytes - I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic! Today, how do you understand the timeline of Overwatch's lore and story events? I discuss what can be gained and lost from trying...

Top 10 Community Plays of The Week! – #2 | Hammeh

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Overwatch Top 5 - x 2! community plays of the week that you submit! :) ► Submit plays to ► Please Like and Comment with your favourite plays, and subscribe to never miss an Overwatch ...

Pharah – Quick Hero Guide!

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Overwatch's Pharah - daughter to a famous mother, military veteran, and famous bringer of Justice from Above! In my new Push Play series, we run through a few quick tips and playstyle thoughts for Pharah in just 3-4 m...

Lore Bytes ► What is an Omnic?

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Overwatch Lore Bytes - welcome to my new series, where I simplify and explain Overwatch Story and Lore topic by topic for you! This episode's topic is "What is an Omnic?", where we discuss what omnics are, how Zenyatt...

Lucio, Underground Sounds! (Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore) | Hammeh

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Lucio- an Overwatch character about to step up to become a hero again? Explore his lore and story, voicelines and interactions with fellow heroes and the world around him in this video! What games does Lucio try to p...

Symmetra, Faith in The Light! (Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore) | Hammeh

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Symmetra - an Overwatch hero whose lore is intriguing! I explore her lore and story, along with her voicelines and interactions with fellow heroes and the world around her. A light-bending Architech working for Vis...

Where to Find Overwatch Lore

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Wherecan I find Overwatch Lore and Story? That's a question I'm always asked - here's the answers, along with my top 10 sources of "official" lore! More details below! Subscribe - -- As Ove...

Overwatch Winston Quick Hero Guide | Hammeh

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Genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant super-intelligent and the last hope and champion for humanity's potential. Just don't call him a monkey ;) In this Push Play series, I run through a few quick ...

Overwatch | Widowmaker and McCree Nerf Details! – June ’16 Patch Notes

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Overwatch Patch notes for June '16 are in - McCree's and Widowmaker nerfs confirmed! McCree is getting a tweak to his fan the hammer as expected with a slight improvement on reload time, with Widow getting a quicks...

Winston, Gorilla Warfare! (Hero Voice Lines, Interactions and Lore) | Hammeh

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  Previously a member of Overwatch until its disbandment, Winston has recently recalled all agents, in spite of such activity being illegal under the Petras Act. With the world seemingly in a state of lawle...

Giveaway Details, 20k Subs, New Twitch! | Hammeh Channel Update #4

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-GIVEAWAY LINK (ends 17/06/16) - -New TWITCH - please follow! -Submit your plays - -Subscribe! - **Subscribe -

Widowmaker Nerf Incoming? / McCree Nerf News! (June 2016)

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McCree's Overwatch changes confirmed (just about), Widowmaker possibly might get a nerf and a buff too! Widowmaker potential nerf source - McCree/D...

Top 5 Potential Future Maps/Levels! | Hammeh

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Blizzard's Overwatch world and maps are really rich in teasers of future content. In this vid, I take a look at five maps or locations that could well show up in Overwatch, including some new, possibly never heard bef...

Lucio – Overwatch Quick Hero Guide! | Hammeh

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Overwatch's Lucio is great fun to play - get going with his abilities and gameplay in my Quick New Player Friendly Guide! Lucio - Overwatch's international celebrity, part-time freedom fighter, and DJ at large! In ...

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